Rabobank Escaperoom


Rabobank has a unique presence at local events. We provide Rabobank with supervising staff, transport and timely delivery of the mobile escape rooms.

No worries Rabobank, we got this!

We work on behalf of Rabobank Peelland Zuid, Rabobank Helmond, Rabobank Peel Noord and Rabobank Peel, Maas and Leudal, among others.

ING Escaperoom

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam / ING

The Erasmus Universiteit offers ING traineeships. Wondering what these traineeships involve? Then pay a visit to the escape room, where ING is conveying its unique story to students.

youtube video

Happy Cactus / Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

Happy Cactus commissioned an escape room for a Ministry of Education, Culture and Science campaign. Escape room theme: clean room. And clean it is!

How is an escape room relevant to the Ministry? Because in education, you never stop learning. The matter was put to teachers and heads of three schools. And so the three education teams enter the escape room with a special mission. Will they make it in time? Check out the video to find out!


PSV is the first eredivisie (Dutch premier league) football club to have an escape room. Feel invigorated at conference sessions hosted at the stadium with this escape room, where you'll experience some unique facets of PSV... no prior football knowledge required!

Local retailers

Organise a unique and fun event where your customers can win prizes. You provide the coffee and beer; we provide a unique experience. Also great as a staff party!

A sample of the local heroes who believe in us:


National clients

Provide a playful extra to your event. You take care of the coffee and beers, we will arrange everything for a unique experience. Great idea for f.e. staff parties, meetings, course days, open houses!

A sample of the national heroes who believe in us:


One Shoe

On behalf of One Shoe we developed an escaperoom for the event ‘eMerce eDay’. At One Shoe they believe in a clear brand strategy as a guide for all brand expressions. This mission immediately formed a strong basis for the development of a completely personalized escape room.


For event ‘the Day of Real Estate’, Funda was looking for a playful extra to support the theme 'stronger through collaboration'. A completely personalized escape room was the result; cooperation between participants the 'key to success'. Not only matching the theme of the day, because at Funda they like to book the best result, together, throughout the year.


Nedelko provides the European (electro) technical market with the best products and solutions. To give even more publicity to the company and its products, we developed a completely personalized escape room. Not only the look & feel was Nedelko proof. Products from Nedelko also came back in the games in the room.


The Metakids Foundation has the drive to make all metabolic diseases treatable. And that is very important. In the Netherlands a child a day dies because of a metabolic disease. Unfortunately, relatively little is known about metabolic diseases and the Metakids Foundation. They want to change that with the escaperoom. We are grateful that we were able to contribute to this goal with our creative strength.

BBC / Micro:bit

On behalf of Devlab Academy, we developed the Micro:bit escape room. The Micro:bit is a product developed by the BBC in England that teaches children how to program through play.

The escape room is a time capsule: a programming error has caused you to be transported to the year 2150. Your job is to program your way back to the present using the Micro:bit. Devlab Academy is about to conquer the Netherlands with this escape room, and we are only too glad to help. Click on the photo to view Omroep Brabant's report from the Dutch Technology Week.

DTW Escaperoom

DTW Escaperoom

ANOTHER EPIC COLLABORATION! A trailer of Movico, the mobile photo studio of Feestbooth, the robots of Christian Wauben VR Expert and the mobile escape room of mobielexitroom.nl. All in one and designed in the branding of Dutch Technology Week. Together we were part of hotspot Helmond - de Peel and we teached children about technology.

Thales Netherlands

Mobileexitroom.nl has developed a Cyber Escape Room for Thales Netherlands (Huizen). This escaperoom is used as a recruitment tool. Visitors visit the fictional government agency Staatswaterrijk, where all systems are flat. By placing a counter hack, visitors can start up the systems again. They use f.e. tablets, USB sticks and a full VR environment.

Social Booth

The Social Booth is a photo access tool to online ánd offline ambassadors! We provide a customized photo format with your logos and hastags. Visitors take a nice photo, share it on f.e. their own or your companies Facebook page and then receive a Polaraid as a souvenir. With only one press on a button! Also bookable without escape room and/or with customized panels.

Thales USA

Thales USA

Visitors of the RSA® Conference 2018 could put themselves to the test in the cyber escape room. We used the current game play and developed a new ‘black box’ graphic. It was a fantastic customer journey, including stand design, an on stand video and actor and give aways.

Thales France

For Thales France we developed a duplicate of the Dutch escape room, with its own look & feel. The kick-off took place at Vivatech 2018.

Thales UK

Thales UK has used our cyber escaperoom for there Infosecurity 2018 event in London, UK. Just like Thales USA we’ve used the ‘black box’ design. But also they customized the booth design, and made use of a briefingvideo, actor and many give-awars! A fantastic concept!




Calco is the partner for IT talent. The company offers IT training courses that people who have not chosen IT can follow as well. We have developed an escape room for Calco, which they can use at universities, colleges and in-house days to get people interested in IT and to convey the message 'I can do something' in IT.


Escape rooms are all the hype: you and a group of friends, colleagues or family go into a room together. You then have a set amount of time in which to escape. The way you do this is by solving puzzles, finding keys, uncovering hidden compartments and connecting clues.

Escape rooms are
all about the experience.

And we can now recreate that experience anywhere, thanks to our mobile escape rooms. A mobile escape room can be placed in any shop, nightclub or lunchroom. In 8 minutes, customers will experience the rush of an escape room.

Teamwork, excitement, euphoria and relief guaranteed!

the experience!

How would you like to tell your company's unique story through an escape room? You name it, we'll do it! We can personalise your escape room inside and out, with a cool wrap on the exterior and personalised games within. This makes the escape room not only exciting, but also turns it into a means of introducing customers to your products.


We are proud of the projects we deliver. Click on the logos to see personalised examples.

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We are all about the experience and we also love confetti. An experience plus confetti is totally brilliant.

You could say that we have somewhat of a #CONFETTISH.

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